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Colin Mackay's Journal
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Tuesday, May 29th, 2007
3:20 pm
A real update. :)
Hi all!

This is an attempt to write a real update. It's been a long time, so be kind. :)

First off, for those of you that don't already know, on August 2nd, 2006, I became a father. :) Arianna Mackay - 7lbs 13oz. For some piccies go to http://www.northernscots.com and find the link for Arianna at the bottom. :)

She's now coming up on 10 months old and we have NO idea where that 10 months has gone! She's crawling, walking around holding onto the furniture and discovering gravity. Gravity is fun, until you fall down.


See, now this is why I don't write these things, I can never think of what to put in them!


Oh! I recently went for some Exchange 2007 training! Wooooo... I know all of you non-geeks are wondering what that is. It's mail server software. The kind of stuff that runs behind the scenes and lets you check your email at home.

It's been about 3 years since I updated this thing, so I guess I'll see you all again in 2010! :)

Current Mood: bored
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
3:37 pm
Anybody still hanging around?


Does anyone still watch my Journal?  It's....  been a while, eh?

:)  Comment if you're I'm still on your 'friends' list? :)

Current Mood: tired
Friday, March 7th, 2003
8:14 pm
Another day...
Just decided to try this out after seeing it on kittyfox's LJ.

Star Trek Personality Test -- Results
Myers-Briggs would say that you are an INFP (Introvert, Intuitive, Feeler, Perceiver). In Star Trek language, you share a basic personality configuration with Garak and Kes.

People like you are generally nonconforming, deeply passionate, and highly dedicated to your personal values. You're reserved, which covers a sensitive spirit easily hurt. You're highly imaginative and creative. You're curious and often study others quietly. You're flexible in small matters. You don't dance to other people's tunes, but you can pretend you do. You get what you want by talking, not screaming.

You're loving and dedicated to people you care about, but you do not compromise your principles for them. Your sense of what is right comes first, even before yourself. You respond best to people who respect your privacy until you let them in, then provide you with emotional intimacy.

You're not the world's most tidy person.

Your primary goal in life is to be true to your deeply held beliefs and to live in harmony with your values. Your reward is to have your ideas benefit others.

Good careers for your type include being a psychologist, human resources professional, Cardassian spy, physical therapist, translator/interpreter, legal mediator, college professor of humanities, and art director.
Monday, February 24th, 2003
8:11 pm
Another day...
It's been a long, long time. :)

Well then... What's been happening in my life? Nothing too much, honestly. Been poking at my web site a little, nothing too much to see to be honest. I've not committed a lot of time to it, and it shows. ;) Heh.

Today I was late for work. Really late. Just didn't get any sleep, then forgot to reset my alarm and woke up at 9am. :) Hee. Ooopsie! Oh well, no harm done. No one even knew I was missing. That's how relaxed it is up here in the North, it seems. :P *shrug*

Well, some of you know, some of you don't, but we have two additions to our family. Scooter and Thistle! If you're wondering, please check out Budgies

YES! We got budgies! YAY! :) They're pretty young, and currently sitting on the top of their cage. Thistle has pulled a sprig of Millet of and is pulling it around. Scooter is just sitting there, being fluffy. Now, Thistle has made it inside and seems purturbed that he can't get through the top of the cage to where Scooter is. They're fun to watch and getting used to sitting on my finger. :)

Anyways... That's it, I'll talk to you all later. :)
Sunday, January 26th, 2003
6:37 pm
Another day...
Hello again. Two posts in a row! Woah.

Well, then. Today I ended up sleeping / dozing until around 11:30am, got up, had shower and all the normal morning things. We went out to the Green Store today to look at things and to pick up a 'free tote bag' with a coupon we got when the North Bay Welcome wagon came by. No one that was working that day knew anything about it, so we have to go back on a weeknight. Oh well. We'll get it out of them. ;) Heehee.

After that, we decided to head up to Temagami for no real reason. Made the silly mistake of heading off with only 1/4 of a tank of gas, of course, going 85km north of North Bay, well... suffice to say that gas stations, along with human life, were scarce. We got to Temagami alright, no issues, aside from the normal northern residents that just can't drive in the snow. I felt like I was somewhere in the southern states after a snowfall. Been to Florida once, when less than an inch fell. People floored the gas to get across intersections, so you just ended up with 6 cars, sideways and backwards in the middle of a major intersection. :) I found it funny, of course, because I grew up with snow.

Anyway... Temagami has a population of 1,000. We stopped at a gas station that had a SubWay sub shop, Donut store and a convienence store. Normally this place should be booming on a sunday, with all those people coming up from Toronto to use their snow mobiles. But 20 minutes north of Temagami, a bridge had fallen a few weeks ago, so traffic was taking an alternate highway, so it hasn't been a well used road as of late.

Nothing to see in Temagami, we just went to get out of the house. It looks like I need to replace the thermostat in the van, the electric fans are coming on before enough heat is generated to give some warm air out of the vents. Makes for a cool drive! Eeep. At least it's cheap and easy to do. :) I can always get lanakila to do it for me on the weekend. ;) Heehee.

Well, that's it. I'm ticked off that I won't be able to see the Simpsons tonight, the Superbowl is on. But it may be on later tonight. Dunno if they'll just pre-emt it or not yet.

Oh well, life goes on. :)
Saturday, January 25th, 2003
6:18 pm
Hi there, long time no see! :)

Anyways, I just erased my last entry. D'oh! *sigh*

For those of you that read this that don't know, I'm in North Bay! That's 350km north of Toronto, Ontario. It's strange how some things change when you move away from the city. I've barely used my inhaler since moving up here. The air is so fresh and clean, my lungs don't know what to do with it. :) Also, the sun is much lower on the horizon. A lot more than I thought it would have been! It gets dark about 45 minutes earlier than in toronto. It's really quite a difference. Here it is, 6pm local time and it's pitch black out. Not even a little sign that there was sun and it's been like that since 5pm at least.

The one thing I am looking forward to seeing, hopfully with the blessing of a well timed storm on the sun, are the NOrthern Lights. Apparently they are quite spectacular, even as far south as North Bay is. :) WHEE! The only time I saw them live, was in Ajax, and they looked like a shimmering white, 2D cloud. It's hard to describe, but also wasn't that spectacular. No colours.

Lately here, it's been cold. So far, none of my friends on here are allowed to complain about the cold. ;) I've got the worst, right here, in the Gateway to the North. :) During the night, it's been down to as low as -40 Celcius, which is -40 Farenheight. Some of the days, with a bright blue, sunny sky, it would break -35 Celcius and stay that way all day. A favourite quote I've heard is: "It's minus stupid out there". :) Plus, when it does warm up 10 degrees, we get snow, but luckily, the lake we are on (Lake Nippissing), helps move the snow to the north and south of North Bay. It's nice. We get 10cm, but just north and south of us, they get 50cm. :) Heeheehee.

ANyway, I must be off. Hope I post again soon!!!
Monday, January 6th, 2003
1:15 am
Now, this is an overdue entry. Like 3 months. Thanks to Buran for reminding me of this little thing. I've not read or posted anything here. :(

I'm downloading that annoying pencil, so I'll remember to post stuff again. I guess I've got a lot to say now, but I'll post it tomorrow. It's late, getting tired. Need sleep soon.

*snuggles* Talk to you all soon. :)
1:15 am
Now, this is an overdue entry. Like 3 months. Thanks to Buran for reminding me of this little thing. I've not read or posted anything here. :(

I'm downloading that annoying pencil, so I'll remember to post stuff again. I guess I've got a lot to say now, but I'll post it tomorrow. It's late, getting tired. Need sleep soon.

*snuggles* Talk to you all soon. :)
Tuesday, November 19th, 2002
7:20 pm
I'm back! Whew.
It's been an interesting 4 weeks (give or take (mostly give) a week), we've moved in a snowstorm, yelled at phone companies for 5 days because their techs are idiots, watched a satellite installation company fry my reciever before my eyes (they fixed it for free, of course), watch installation troubles with my DSL modem and now, I'm sick. :)

It's been fun none the less... I'll post more now, but I have a month's worth of postings to catch up on! EEEEK! :) :) :)

So... hello, hi, howdy, it's good to be back. :)

Kittyfox, if you see this, please talk to M'trren on FM? Thanks. ;)
Thursday, October 31st, 2002
10:38 am
Last Time...
This is it. The last time I'll be online until I move, get the internet connection up and running and assemble the computer room. Heh. Now, all my computers are being turned off, dismantled and boxed where applicable. :)

See you all in North Bay!


Current Mood: excited
Wednesday, October 30th, 2002
11:14 am
Reflections... ...snoitcelfeR
Well, these past few days have been fun. :) The wife and I had hawkie and lanakila over on Saturday night to watch a few DVD's. We all watched Disney's Oliver and Company DVD that lanakila gave me for my birthday. Then hawkie had to head home and my wife slipped upstairs to bed. SHe had been snoozing through most of the movie, tired spouse. :) lanakila and I both watched his new Beauty and the Beast DVD. It had been a while since I'd seen it and had forgotten some of the story! Eep! But we enjoyed it. lanakila left around 1:30am to head home.

Sunday was a day spent packing and such for our up-coming move on Nov 2nd. I went to the storage unit to take apart two older speakers to get at their crossovers. My father and I have built new speaker cabinets and one of the crossovers wasn't working. They're all built, painted and waiting for the speaker grille covers to be finished. :) Yay! They sound really good.

The past few days were rather boring, not much happened until last night. We went over to wyera and Mr. Wy's house for dinner. wyera is just over something nasty and it looks as if today, Mr. Wy now has it! EEP! I hope I don't catch anything before Saturday! Lots of heavy things to move! :( Speaking of that, last night Wyera and hubby gave us an old washer / dryer that they had in their basement! WOW! Thanks so much (again). We have hookups in the new apartment, so this will work out perfect. :) It took us a while to get them up the stairs, mostly because the dolly I brought over fit into the gaps in their basement stairs. Hah. The wheels would jam in, and you couldn't even pull the dolly up by itself, let alone with a washing machine on it!! After a little struggling, lifting it up the stairs, we hauled them into the garage, ready for pick up on Saturday morning. :)

Well, that's been my life these past few days, I've been going to bed quite early, much to my wife's surprise... So my online time has been rather... offline. :/ But I will be back on as things settle back down in my life. :) Pass it around the muck. ;)


Current Mood: cheerful
Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002
5:24 pm
Oh... How did I know?

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12:12 am
As promised, the pictures from the new apartment. :) A friend of mine, who lives up there took his digital camera over and took a few snaps of the place for us. :) Unfortunately, the second bedroom was occupied by someone sleeping and we couldn't get that room photographed. Here's the link!

WHEE! :)

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Monday, October 21st, 2002
11:01 am
Oh, Tev? This is me:

Apparently I like high explosives. Nukes are nice, they tend to erradicate most evidence. Maybe an antimatter bomb or two. Perhaps an explosion from unsafe Omega particles? ;) A super nova? The big bang?

What Type of Villain are You?

mutedfaith.com /


Oh! Like the new piccie? :) Talking tiger!

Current Mood: giddy
10:59 am
Nord Bay, eh?
It's official! We now have a place for November 1st to move to. That is gonna be one FUN weekend. :/ Let me outline it for you:

On Friday, we pick up a box truck from Discount around 8am and drive it to my parents house, where we load up a couch (with pull out queen bed) and a few boxes that we have here, along with the seats from our van. Into the now empty van, go the computers, TV and electronics, etc, etc. Then we get to clear out a 10' x 15' storage unit! YAY! It all gets assorted into the truck. Next is the 3.5 hour drive into North Bay. It's a simple route. North on 12 to 11, then north on 11 into North Bay. :)

I. Just noticed. Today. I like periods. :) Anyway...

My inlaws are coming down on the Friday evening and we're all attending my graduation. :) Yay! I get a bit of paper that states 'I am smart' :) I am so smart! I am so smart! S-M-R-T... I mean S-M-A-R-T! :) *grin* I'm excited! After the graduation, we head home and sleep. It should be an interesting time, if not a little chilly. Moving in November isn't exactly warm, but we really, really, really lucked out. The apartment we got ourselves is the front half of an old house. Apparently, it's 100 years old, yet aside from a creaky stair or two, this house looks like it was renovated yesterday!!! It's got an absolutely giant kitchen. A living room / dining room that's a good 30 or more feet long and it's a very open concept. Upstairs are two large bedrooms and a bathroom. We have a great view onto 'Cassells Street' from our bedroom, plus it's a huge window. :) I'll be getting a friend who lives in North Bay to take a few piccies (furniture not included) soon and I'll post them as soon as he sends them to me. :)

YAY! I'm so excited. :) Maybe now we can catch up on all that owing money! To friends *ahem sqwaaaaak* (no we haven't forgotten), relatives and those annoying companies out there. There isn't that many and hope to catch up soon so we can get that new big screen TV! WOO! ;) Well, maybe. Have to ask wifey first. :) Heehee. Maybe our TV will have an... accident one day when we can afford a new TV... *innocent look* *GRIN*

Things seem to be going well. We found the place in the Saturday paper around 6ish and called. They said to just come on out! So we did. We wanted it the moment we saw it. The next day, we met the owners (they own a flower shop that was built onto the front of the house, The Rose Bowl), signed our lives away and gave them our hard earned money. November 2nd! North Bay, here we come! Toronto driver, coming through!!! ;) Heehee.

I'll be on and off all throught the next few weeks, until we get things cleared up here, settled and hooked up, up there... Things will be hectic. :) But fun too!!!

Hah. I also start work the Monday after we move, at 8:30am. Yay! :)

Current Mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, October 16th, 2002
2:05 pm
Long time...
It's been a while since I last updated my live journal. A lot's happened in the past week. :)

Last Tuesday evening I got a phone call from Glenn Morrison, the IT Director at the Near North School Board. They wanted me to come in for an interview on Friday morning. Of course I accepted. I left for North Bay on Thursday around 11am and headed out on the 4 hour drive up to the town. It was quite a scenic route, indeed! No boring, long straight stretches of highway, lots of rocks and hills with nice views. :) It was good to get out on the road and go somewhere. Reminds me of the road trips to cons and to friends in the states that I used to go on. Hopefully those days will return and I will again be able to drive along the interstates with a certain iggle friend of mine, heading off to see furs and have a good time in general. :)

I arrived at 2:30 pm (approximately) and drove around the town a little. It's quite a busy place! I wasn't expecting such traffic in the 'little town of North Bay'. It's got all the essentials, grocery stores, malls, food places, etc, etc... It's getting a theatre soon, a Galaxy theatre. I've not heard of that one before, so I don't know what it's like. Oh well. I met up with Adam, the friend that works up at the school board already and he showed me what he does in a day. Nothing out of the ordinary; fix computers, make sure the network is up and running; etc, etc. I was quite impressed with this boards installation! For an elementary and high school board, they've got quite the little bit of tech! They have a 400 megabit backbone running to all their schools, a 17 megabit connection to the internet, Windows 2000 A/D structure, all of their phones are IP phones and they're now installing a video conferencing network! I get to be a part of that, so that's exciting. :)

Anyway, we ended the night by going out to Swiss Chalet for dinner, then headed to Adams house to watch TV until it was bedtime.

The next morning I awoke at 7:15 and got a shower. I didn't have anything to eat as I was somewhat nervous. I spent the morning up until 10:30 shadowing Adam, then headed off to the interview. It went remarkably well! I was informed out of 38 candidates, 4 were chosen. I was one of the 4. About an hour after the interview, Adam recieved a phone call from Glenn. He handed me the phone and Glenn offered me the position! I was happy to finally have a job offer on the table. :) I did not accept it right away, instead we decided I would email him on the following Tuesday. I took the weekend to think about it.

I started off home a little later on, after forgetting my bag at Adam's house and having to go back and get it (luckily I hadn't left town yet), I managed to get on the road around 4:15pm. The drive home was fine, I only stopped for gas and a sub for dinner in Orillia. By that time, it was getting dark and it had started to drizzle. Fun. I made it home quickly, luckily the holiday traffic for the long weekend was heading in the opposite direction to me. Once I got home, we almost immediately left to go camping! A 4 hour drive, followed my a 2 hour drive to the campground! I made it! ;) It was 11:15, but I made it. ;)

We spent the weekend around a campfire and going into the town next to the campground. We found a little chinese place there and tried it out. Was very good!! Must go back there sometime next year. :)

Monday, we packed up the 5th wheel, hitched it up and headed home. Rather uneventful, yet enjoyable weekend. :)

For those of you that are wondering, I have indeed accepted the job and now it is a scramble to find a place to live and to find my wife a job up there now! But at least she already has some prospects! Yay!

Well, I must go now, off to look for places to move to. :)

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, October 9th, 2002
12:01 pm
Hello all. It's been a few days since I've updated LJ. I am amazed that I've managed to keep up with it this long. :) Yay!

I got a call on Monday evening around 8:30pm. I wasn't expecting this call, not at that time in the evening, but my wife answered and came rushing over to the bathroom door to tell me that Glenn was on the phone. Glenn is the I.T. director at the Near North District School Board, where I applied for two positions. The first was for an Intermediate Support Technician, the other was an Intermediate Support Technician / Audio Visual Specialist. tevon, I fear I may be posting LJ entires like yours if I get this job. ;) I was called back about the second one. That's fine, I've plenty of A/V experience dealing with stage sound and lighting production, audio production and even some TV production. In High School I was a geek on the A/V team and I know how most of the equiptment used in a school works, etc.

I mentioned this job once before in LJ, it's in North Bay, 4 hour drive north of where I currently live, so it is definately a change of scene and change of pace. In Toronto, my wife takes 1 hour - 1.5 hours to get into work due to traffic. This drive, of only about 25 - 35 kilometers should only take 30 minutes on a day with light or no traffic. This is called 'nuts'. We have a TWELVE lane highway and we manage to clog it up on weekday mornings and evenings and more frequently on weekends, even when no one is heading to their cottage!

North Bay on the other hand has a 'rush hour' that lasts approximately '22' minutes according to their local FM stations morning show. And traffic doesn't even slow down, in fact, it barely is even noticed!

The town is on a somewhat large lake named Lake Nippissing and a smaller lake on it's easten side called Trout Lake. It has all the amenities: Fast Food, Good Restaraunts, Walmart, banks, Tim Hortons (grin), etc, etc... Plus lots of schools. :) I am quite amazed that this school board has a Windows 2000 domain made of ALL 2000 machines, no 98, NT, etc clogging up the 2000 security. They have a 10Mbit and 7Mbit internet connection into their head office and that is linked throughout all the public and high schools. The Toronto school board may need to close all the pools to keep afloat (pun intended), they have all sorts of funding issues, and the NNSB is never far behind in tech and rarely has funding issues. Well, that just goes to show you that something severely wrong is going on somewhere.

I drive up on Thursday morning / afternoon. I should arrive around 2pm or so, depending on when I leave. This gives me a little time to drive the streets and see what's up there, maybe even find a few rental properties and look at them. Hey, I don't know if I got the job yet, but I may as well be prepared. :) Then stay the night at a friends house there, and Friday morning at 11:15am, I have an interview. It looks to be a panel interview and I also know there are three other interviewee's. I am the LAST one to be interviewed. So here's hoping.

RIght now, I must burn another CD or two for the drive. :) need music! If anyone knows a good DRIVING SONG to dump onto a CD, email me, comment on this entry, ICQ me, MSN me, muf-mail me, or call me if you have the #.

If you WANT the number, request it by one of the other means. ;) *snugs to you all*

Current Mood: excited
Monday, October 7th, 2002
12:31 am
Just... stuff.
Well, here I am again, mucking around. Chatting with Cole and Tevon on FM about some IC things. :) It looks as if my online schedule will be coming back to normal soon, so I should be on to continue the RP's a little more now. :) Yay.

I'm starting to get into almost retro gaming. ;) Not old games, like Pacman, Dune II, Lemmings, etc... Well, maybe Lemmings. :) But Descent III is being installed on my HD as I type this. :)

I'm still looking for work, but have recently found more and more job openings in my field, so things seem to be looking up! YAY!!!

Well, that's that for now. I know I have forgotten something, but I'll dump another entry later if that is the case. :)

Current Mood: content
Thursday, October 3rd, 2002
2:32 am
The weekend and the past few days...
Well... It's been a rather interesting and upsetting past few days for us...


The day started out like any other. I slept in a little, Shelley went to work. I applied for some jobs during the day, continued the search for others to apply to.... Had dinner, etc, etc. That evening I got a call from my mother-in-law in Stratford. Usually when I answer, we have a short chat and tell each other about our lives before the phone is handed off to my wife. This time, she didn't seem in the mood to chat and quickly asked for Shelley. At the time, I didn't think much of it, my wife picked up the phone in the kitchen (out of ear shot from the computer room) and I happily went on playing 'Jazz Jackrabbit 2' (An old, old game)

As time passed I thought about the short conversation and started to wonder if anything was wrong. Sure enough, when my wife got off the phone I found out that her grandmother, stricken with Altzheimer's and at an age of 90 years, had passed away in her sleep. At least it was peaceful. I know what it's like. My grandmother on my mother's side had suffered the same fate. I watched her slowly forget who everyone was for the 10 years she resided in a nursing home. For those of you that have never experienced a loved one going through something like that, I hope you never have to.

We tried not to let it ruin our weekend as we were going off to housesit/catsit for Wyera and Mr. Wy.


Alone in a house. It's rather annoying living with your parents and as our friends offered a few days of salvation house sitting, we took it. And we thank Wyera and Mr. Wy for it! It was relaxing. Mmmm...

We spent the day relaxing, watching TV and we watched the Monsters Inc. DVD. My wife had not seen it. It was fun! We did a little grocery shopping at 11:30, for a few thigns Wyera had asked us to get and for some junk food and pop. Mmmm... Junk food. We also had ordered a Pizza that night. :) We were bad.


Wyera and Mr. Wy came home around 1pm and we basically all sat around and talked, watched TV, played Crash Team Racing and had dinnner, that Wyera was kind enough to cook for us all. :) Mr. Wy and I fixed the porch light. Not much to fix, we thought there was something more wrong with it, or at least *I* did. Then I was told he'd never changed the bulb. So, how many guys does it take to change a light bulb? Two, apparently. Hee.


Monday... Shelley went into work for a half day, as it was month end and she had to get some things done. Mostly because she didn't want to come back to work to a mess she had to fix up. I dropped her off, returning at 12:30pm to pick her up. We went to A&W's for lunch. :) That's a somewhat big thing for us as A&W's, until recently, were only found in those food courts in the malls. We don't frequent indoor malls with food courts. I ended up taking one of my burgers with me, as I was full.

We headed up north to a small town just south of Owen Sound, Ontario. It took about 2.5 hours to get there. Nice place, middle of farm land, but close to a mostly major center. It's right on Lake Huron / Georgian Bay at the bottom of the Bruce Peninsula. The visitation was at 6pm and being married to the grand daughter, I was 'close family' so I stood up with the rest of them to meet everyone that came. It was a tiring night, both emotionally and physically.

Once we were back in the motel room, we turned on the A/C as it was 28 degree's C outside plus the humidex brought it to 30 something!!! Ouch. We all fell asleep pretty quickly.


We showed up at Shelley's aunt's house for breakfast, then headed to the funeral home at 11:30am where a brief service was held. We were all to meet up at Lion's Head at 3pm for the burial. They were foregoing the funeral procession as it was too far and too long. Plus they need parade permits and 4 police escorts for such a long procession! We just all gathered at 3pm to say the final goodbye's. It was all over at 3:20. Would you really want it to linger on and on?? I wouldn't.

There was a luncheon served at a nearby church. You know it's a small town when there are only two churches in town and they're both in the same building. Don't ask me how that works. We just sat in the back and had some nice sandwiches, desserts and drinks (non alcoholic, of course). After that, we headed back to Shelley's aunt's home for a brief visit, I plunked my CB antenna onto the van and we headed off home, following my inlaws back to their house. The CB is handy to chat on a two hour drive. We stopped for dinner at a little restaurant owned by a nice greek couple. :) Oddly enough, there was nothing greek on the menu. Oh well, pork chops, sausages and burgers sell it seems. After I heard the accent, I hoped that there would be souvlaki on the menu. But I shouldn't assume things. Silly panther! No buscuit.

We got home around 10:30pm, but it felt like 4am and all of us hit the sack.....


Woke up lateish... 11:30. :) Had a shower and breakfast consisting of toast, bacon and eggs. Today was my 'birthday party' with my inlaws. Not really a party, but this is the first time I've seen them since the September long weekend. My birthday was on the 24th. I was given a little beanie plushie tiger on a keychain! Yay! Then taken out to get a new pair of pants. ;) Heh. I have a pair of dress pants, but I need something a little more casual for when I actually have a job.... So I got a nice pair of pants. :) I was then taken to Zellers where they bought me 'Monsters Inc.' on DVD. I was surprised, but happy. :) I was taken out to 'Anna Mae's', a menanite restaraunt 30 minutes north of town. Mmmm! I love that place. :) You can get a decent meal with beverage, soup and dessert for about $7.00. And it's not small portions either!

Well, we went back to the inlaws place and watched Monster's Inc. It wasn't my father-in-laws cup of tea as he fell asleep during it. ;) hee. My mother-in-law loved it and laughed all the way through it, and was happy at the end. :) I won't say why incase someone reading this hasn't seen it yet. ;) Hee.

We left at 10:00pm and got home around midnight. Shelley slept all the way home, then went to bed after putting a few things away and saying 'hi' to my mom and dad. Then I came down here and wrote this.

It was a good weekend and it was a bad weekend all rolled into one... It's too bad we had to meet under such curcumstances. :/

Someone told me something like this once... Can't remember who or how it was worded. This is my interpretation...

Warning: Side effects of life may include: Sickness, health, fun, joy, sadness, grumpiness, anger, giggle fits, love and in extreme cases, death... Please consult your physician before getting a life.

It's sad. But it's life. Where would we be without it?

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Friday, September 27th, 2002
9:08 pm
My Birthday Dinner....
Hello all, one more post here, mostly to tell you what my life has been like over the past few days.

I thank you all, who wished me a Happy Birthday, either here, in RL or online somewhere... My birthday was fun, but I posted about that already. ;)

On Thursday night I was taken out to a restaraunt called Applebee's. I know most North American's have heard of this, but in case you haven't, it's a bar and grill. Nice place to eat. :) Anyways... I should start out at the beginning...

I was told on Wednesday that I was being taken over to wyera's house for dinner. That was fine, I always enjoy spending time with Wyera and Mr. Wy, as does my wife. The way we all act together is like we've known each other for decades... But that's good. :) Thursday night came about and my wife and I prepared to leave. Well, when I announced that I was driving (because I haven't in a while), my wife informed me that she was going to drive. I insisted. She replied that she HAD to drive. She never drives (She prefers drive from the passenger seat. Those married couples out there know what I mean), unless I am sick, tired, or simple not with her, so I knew something was up. I just chuckled as she got in the van, "We're going out for dinner aren't we?" I asked. She just grinned and didn't say anything. Off we went and indeed, ended up at the afore mentioned Applebee's.

But there was a surprise! Instead of seeing wyera and her spouse, I saw lanakila and hawkie! Well, I only saw their hair, or in Hawkie's case, the lack thereof, peeking over the tops of the menu's. But I've known my good friends long enough to know the tops of their heads. ;) Heehee.

It was a nice surprise to see my friends there as well!! We chatted and talked a while and I was handed presents to open. My wife and Hawkie had already given me theirs a few days earlier. From my wife, I recieved a new Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical bundle, which included a wireless keyboard and a wireless optical mouse. She also got me a book to help me learn Visual Basic. :) Whee! From Hawkie, I got a mug shaped like Bugs Bunny's head! :) From Lanakila I recieved the Oliver and Company DVD! I love that movie! Wyera and hubby gave me some gift cards for Future Shop! I can go out and get Monster's Inc. now. :) *smiles*

Dinner was served. I had Steak Fajita's! Mmmmm... During the dinner, there were about 12 other birthdays going on around us! At this restaraunt, they like to sing a song to you (off key and everything) and you get a free desert. Each time it started up, I thought it was for me and until dinner was finished, it wasn't... :) I thought for a moment that it wasn't going to happen to me. ;) Heh. No luck. Wyera had told the waitress before I got there. :) Heehee. Now it's my turn to get her when it's her birthday! MUaaahahahahahahaaaa! :)

We ended the night back at Wyera's and Mr. Wy's home, where we talked, watched the two shorts on Wyera's Monsters Inc. DVD, and played with their kitties. :)

Well, thanks to my friends that could make it, and for all the lovely gifts!! I had a great time. :)

:) *fuzzles* (:

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